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Posted on Sat May 23rd, 2020 @ 11:40pm by Captain Solin Edral & Lieutenant Daniel Ryci & Lieutenant JG Shara Makori
Edited on on Tue Jul 7th, 2020 @ 12:28pm

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: USS Pequod/Ourea Station
Timeline: 2389

After disembarking from the Pequod Lieutenant Daniel Ryci and his wife Daphne Ryci as well as Lieutenant JG Shara Makori of the Pequod and went straight to see Captain Solin Edral the Commanding Officer Of Ourea Station from what Starfleet told daniel ourea Station was new and in need of Officers.

Daniel told his wife "Daphne why don't you go get settled in I will be there as soon as I am done with my meeting with the Captain. " he said. Daphne said ok and left to get settled in.

Daniel turned to Lieutenant Makori "let's go meet the Captain Lieutenant" they went to the Captain's Office Daniel hit the door Chime and they waited for Captain Edral to allow them in.

"Come in," Captain Edral called out. He was expecting his new Chief Security officer.

Daniel told Makori"why don't you go check out our new Tactical Station while I meet our Commanding Officer Captain Edral." he said.

Makori went to see their new Station as ordered. Daniel stepped into the Captain's Office he handed his PADD with his and Makori's Transfer Orders.

He also stood At attention"Captain Edral Lieutenant Daniel Ryci Reporting as Ordered Sir" he waited for Captain Edral to continue.

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant. Have you been assigned your quarters yet?" The Captain asked.

Daniel Said "I have not been assigned my quarters yet Captain," he told Captain Edral.

"Well, I'll get that authorised soon. Have you served on a Regulus class starbase before?"

Daniel told Captain Edral "This is my first Time serving on a regulus class starbase before Captain." Daniel stated.

"Are you excited to be here?" The Captain asked.

Daniel said "I am very excited to be here I brought my wife aboard as well " he informed Captain Edral .

"Excellent. So you will be feeling less homesick?"

Daniel said " A little homesick bit I am ready to do my duty Captain" Daniel said

"Excellent, Lieutenant." The Captain replied.

Daniel said to captain edral " I am eager to get started Captain "he waited for Captain Edral to continue.

"Then let's get you started Lieutenant." He replied to the officer before him.

Daniel said "Yes Sir' he was so eager to get started .


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