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Work of the Day

Posted on Tue Jun 16th, 2020 @ 8:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Trovic Anon

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Operations Office - Deck 3
Timeline: MD02 || 0930


Following the staff meeting Lt.Cdr. Trovic went down to the Operation Office. There, his section chiefs within Operations would be waiting for their daily briefing. Unfortunately this morning, he would be bringing them instructions and priorities that they might not be so happy about.

Entering Operations, Anon saw a fairly large group of officers. He had expected the 5 leads to be there. He didn’t expect the others to come in yet, but ‘this will be fine’, he thought to himself. He knew that the assistants to the Section Chiefs might come in, if the meeting took to long.

Trovic stopped before the group and expected them to see him and become silent, but this didn’t happen. He could hear grumbling within the conversations and some negative comments toward leadership and station command. This kind of behavior and attitude was not going to fly,k c especially not on his watch. Anon felt that if they couldn’t follow orders and do it in a positive way, they he’d hire a bunch of Ferengi and find some way to pay them to get the job done right.

Slightly irritated, the Trovic brought them to attention loudly, “AS YOU WERE!!” He looked intently and sternly at each face of the group, “You are not runnng things here.” There was a long pause and he added, “I’m not running things here. I report to the XO.” His eyes scanned the line of officers and those surrounding again them, “And ‘I’, . . follow ‘their’ orders”, emphasizing those two words. After a few long seconds he stood more relaxed, then with an encouraging voice said, “I have taken all your points up the chain and made them understand the issues from our perspective, . . but sometimes things change and we need to ‘deal with it’,” emphasizing the last couple words once again. “The completion of this station is vitally important. As you’ve been taught and understand. Things will happen that we have no clue about . . . and that’s just the way it’s going to be.”

Further grumbling began in the group of junior officers, but softer and contained.

“Peters,” Trovic began again, “the biggest effective change is going to be in your team. Move all of your team and gear down to the Flight Deck. Those secondary force shield stabilizers need to be in place by end of watch. If your crew can not get that done in the time required, well . . let me know within the hour, so I can pull more resources your direction.”

Ens. Wells frowned slightly, knowing that this meant that some of his team would most likely get pulled away from the holodeck systems they were installing. He knew they were probably the lowest on the priority listing.

Anon saw the down hearted look on Wells’ face, but said nothing at that moment. No need to make one feel worse, especially in front of his peers. Continuing in an authoritative voice, but not loud, “There will be no discussion about timing here. We are the ones responsible to get these implementations completed by the time required by Command.” Trovic looked over the faces of the Section Chiefs with a serious expression. There was no further comment or argument. They also knew what they were all up against. He began to nod an acceptance as he saw this on their faces.

The Commander motioned for one of the assistants to step up. Trovic handed him the stack of Pads, and motioned for him to pass them out to the Section Chiefs. “Here are the updated instructions and timetables expected for completion. I want all points of completion notated during the process. And all concerns are to be noted and sent my way in real time. I don’t want to hear about issues at the end of shift, that can be fixed with just a bit of work by someone else.” He raised his Pad, “So, let me hear about them.”

Thoughtfully, Trovic turned away from the small group, taking a few steps before turning back. With a more hopeful expression, “You and your teams have been doing an amazing job. . . Right now, the Captain needs everyone to step up and go the extra kilometer. I’ll expect to get an current status update within the hour from each of you.” He looked across the line of officers and their assistants once more before stating, “Dismissed!”

The group left in clusters of two or three in different directions. Those that passed by their Chief smiled and nodded. Anon appreciated that. The one left standing was Lt. Bender, who stepped forward slowly, closing the distance to stop before his Chief. “That was well handled,” he encouraged.

Anon grimaced slightly, “I appreciate that Calin. I had to put on a good front for them. I’m not sure the senior staff fully understand what it’s going to take to get things up as they expect.”

Calin finished the comment for the Chief, “But we have to get the station to a point of security. . . no matter the cost in time and energy.”

A smile crept to the Chief’s face. “That’s right,” Anon added. “Otherwise we are open to a devistating attack. And it might yet be coming.”

Calin Bender placed his left hand on The Chief’s shoulder as he stepped to pass him. “Keep riding the rail my friend. We’ll make this happen in the end.” With that said, he walked on and out of Operations, leaving Trovic standing alone in the center of the room.

Lt.Cdr. Trovic watched as the operations staff continued with their work at their stations. Life continued as normal even under these tense times. After a big sigh, Anon stepped toward his office, where he knew he had a long list of items to go over.



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