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Lieutenant JG Shara Makori

Name Shara Makori

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human (Genetically Enhanced)
Age 28

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History She was born on Laconia II, supposedly to Telara and Reggial Mikori who died in a freak transporter accident shortly after she was born. She was then raised by her Uncle Bakar Mikori. He was very cold and cruel to her. Always driving out her emotions and pushing her toward atheletics, where she accelled and could forget herself during the times of focus and concentration. She had many care-takers as she grew up, but as soon as her uncle saw a growing attachement, they always seemed to conveniently disappear.

As time wore on, she did get into a few scraps with other kids, and she came close to killing at least one boy who had tried to bully her. When she placed herself into altheletics programs at school, her aggresive tendencies seemed to be tempered a bit. The drawback was that her team never felt she was truly with them. As she got older, and started thinking about a career, she started researching Starfleet and decided that was where she was really drawn to, though she couldn't explain it. Of course, it would also get her away from Laconia II and her Uncle. It was the only decision she ever made that her Uncle had ever truly approved.

Since her acceptance into the Academy, she has only seen her Uncle once and they occasionally send messages. They were never close, and with recent developements, will never be. in 2389 Shara became the Assistant Chief Security Officer on the U.S.S. Pequod she was transferred to the Ourea Station along with her Chief Security Officer Lieutenant Ryci
Service Record Security Officer Lieutenant JG USS Ronin
Assistant Chief Security /Tactical Officer U.S.S. Pequod Lieutenant (JG)
Deputy Chief Security/tactical officer Lieutenant (JG)Ourea Station.