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Lieutenant Commander Trovic Anon

Name Trovic Anon

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran1/2,human1/4,Betazoid1/4
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 10”
Weight 210
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Trovic Anon is a man with a lean physique and conservative appearance with short hair. He has the identifying nose ridges of a Bajoran. However, his heritage is mixed with his father being Bajoran and his mother being Human and Betazoid.

He wears the d'ja pagh (earring) in honor of his father, but follows few of the other Bajoran traditions or faiths. He likes to talk about them, but has come to understand that they are creations of the beings that live within the Wormhole near Bajor, commonly known as The Profits.


Father Trovic Chalbu
Mother Trovic Isron (Henderson)
Brother(s) Trovic Lirderi - Died in training accident
Trovic Yuda
Sister(s) Trovic Isvine
Isvy is the youngest of the 4 children, and of course has been pampered by all. She is kind, sweet, and loving, but she also has a secret side of being vengeful to those that treat her wrong. She was taken out of the public education program at age 14 when her parents found out that she could cause a person to loose their memory. It wasn't just a little bit of lost time, but all of their memory, not even knowing their native speech. Her mother and father wanted to keep her from being institutionalized, so she was educated at home and worked with a psychologist daily. Medications were found to limit this ability, gratefully without effecting her attitude.
Other Family Engaged to a Bajoran woman, Ens. Hedrar Jaisha

Personality & Traits

General Overview Trovic Anon is a fine and capable officer. He is looked up to by his peers and receives confidence from superiors. During his 10 years as a Starfleet Officer he has had a diverse service on several vessels and stations. He seeks to serve those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Trovic is very skilled at sizing up situations and personnel. Some call it his Betazoid sense, but he knows it to be his knowledge and experience. Anon makes friends easily, but never lets people get too close to him personally. His fear is that he may truly get to know someone and be disappointed. He never backs down from a challenge, but doesn’t desire competition.
Ambitions Since changing his major field of study at the Academy from Astronomy and Astrogation to Power generation and distribution, he hasn’t had a driving force to go out and see the stars, etc. Trovic rechanneled his focus and energy on service to the Federation and his crew. He has found more joy in serving others. This also caused a desire in him to take a second look at Bajoran beliefs and faith in The Profits.
Hobbies & Interests Trovis understands all about the different types of stars and different types of planets. Spacial anomalies especially fascinate him, but those interests did not carry him through the Academy, although sometimes he hangs out with the officers in Astrometrics.

After being taught to fight as a boy from his father, at the Academy he learned to box. Boxing brought rules and definite guidelines that helped him focus. Trovic came to enjoy boxing as a release of energy and physical fitness. He actually does not enjoy competition, but focuses on one fight at a time.

About 6 years after leaving the Academy, Anon was inspired by a fellow Bajoran shipmate and found new interest in learning more about his Bajoran beliefs, that he ignored for many years since his youth.

Personal History Father is Bajoran - Trovic Chalbu
Chalbu was a freedom fighter during the Cardasian occupation. He trained many Bajorans to fight for their freedom, lead them into battle, and unfortunately many times to their death. This loss took a hard tole on his physiological well being. After the war he worked with a Starfleet Counselor, Isron Henderson, who was part Betazoid and helped him express his angers and fears, overcoming the trama of war. Their professional relationship changed to that of personal and they soon married, having 4 children.

Mother is Human/Betazoid
Trovic Isron (Henderson)
Isron is the only child of Jacob Henderson (Human) and Navon Errine (Betazoid). For her family, Isron was very understanding and always there with an encouraging word. She was mostly empathic and strong in her ability to know the feelings of those around her.

Anon is the oldest of 4 children. He grew up on a free Bajor, surrounded with reconstruction projects, supported by the United Federation of Planets. At the end of his primary education, Anon’s father encouraged him to join the Bajoran Science League, but his desires were to see the stars. He wanted to help others go and investigate new worlds.

His father had been a freedom fighter on Bajor during the occupation and taught Anon to fight at an early age. He became the protector of the little guy, standing up to the bigger kids, especially protecting his younger siblings.

As a youth of 14 he got into a physical conflict with a boy his own age. After several serious blows to each other their emotions were running high. Right in the middle of a backswing, Anon stopped, stunned, and overcome by the emotions he was feeling from the other boy. He didn’t remember much else, because he was punched and knocked unconscious. After that point, he began to see and hear things with little understanding. After months of uncertainty, Anon finally found council with a Starfleet Counselor who was able to slowly determine that these feeling could possibly be considered abilities transferred to him from her grandmother who was Betazoid. These abilities were later defined to be only caused by someone’s very strong emotions of anger or deep compassion and sonetimes lustfulness, but the individual needed to be within 10 meters and in his field of vision.

When Anon has romantic encounters, the touching of the woman brings to him her feelings of love and desire for him, or the honest lack there of.

At Starfleet Academy he initially focused on astronomy and astrogation, but as his classes progressed he found more of an interest in power generation and distribution were more to his liking and abilities. He learned about boxing and found it very useful, in many ways, but never gave up his street fighting style when the need arose.

He is currently engaged to a Bajoran woman, Ens. Hedrar Jaisha Who is stationed aboard one of the other vessels in the fleet supporting the Ourea Station.
Service Record 2371-2372 Starfleet Academy - Year I, General Studies

2372-2373 Starfleet Academy - Year II, Technology studies

2373 USS Marshall - Junior Cadet Cruise

2373-2374 Starfleet Academy - Year III, Operational Systems

2374 USS Einstein - Senior Cadet Cruise,
--------------------Personal Assistant to Operations Chief

2374-2375 Starfleet Academy - Year IV, Operations Coordination

2375-2376 Jupiter Supply Station
Operations and Supply Officer

2376-2379 USS Morgan
Drake Class Starship – Surveyor
Operations Officer

2379-2380 USS Halley
Galaxy Class Starship – Explorer
Operations Officer

2380-2382 Deep Space Five
Celestial Class Starbase
Operations Officer

2382-2384 USS Elysium
Elysium Class Starship
Asst. Chief of Operations

2384-2386 Obsidian Colony
Ocean based starbase - Obsidian Colony
Asst. Chief of Operations

2386-2388 USS Kerberos - Luna Class
Chief of Operations

2388- 2389 USS Pequod
Galaxy Class Starship
Chief of Operations

2389 - Ourea Station
Chief of Operations