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An Invasion

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 10:02pm by Idrad Kaistri & Becca Lyons & Commander Kreitenne R'tanya

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Ourea Colony; Governors Office
Timeline: MD11 || 1320

Reading through the reports coming from various parts of the colony was always the most exciting part for Idrad Kaistri. Being the Governor of one of the furthest colonies from the Alpha Quadrant, it had its perks that reports were usually quite exciting. One of the waste processors was malfunctioning by the Starfleet compound, an easy fix for most places, but they would need to requisition some time on the Ogun, when it returned.

They had still not installed the industrial replicators on the planet yet. Once they lost the station by the gateway, they were kept on board the Insignia Class Ogun and Hephaestus to help facilitate the construction of the station in orbit.

The lights dimmed slightly and were replaced with a pulsing red light. He looked up, hearing footsteps running towards his office before the door opened revealing his Chief of Staff, Becca Lyons. "Becca?" He asked

"Report from the station, they have taken the station and all ships to Red Alert. We have followed suit. They are saying it might be the Vaadwaur. They are beaming some more officers down to help reinforce the contingent."

"Let's get to the command centre, and get me a link to the Starfleet Compound and the station." The Governor replied. "And get Morva to the Compound too. Some eyes and ears there won't hurt."

A blue column of light appeared just inside the door, fading away a few seconds later to reveal the short Barzan woman known as Commander Kreitenne R'tanya. Attached to her hip were a phaser and a tricorder, and in her grip, but pointed down at the floor, was a standard issue Type-III phaser rifle. "Governor Idrad," she began, locking eyes with the Governor. "We need to get you, your staff, and the civilians to safety immediately."

"To the command bunker then. It has a direct connection to the Starfleet Compound and is secured with duranium bulkheads and multi-adaptive shield systems. It's probably the most secure area on the planet, outside of the compound." The Governor replied.

Kreitenne almost refuted the Governor's declaration, but there was no point. What mattered now was that everyone keep moving, especially since there would soon be no way to know who was coming, much less when they would be coming. "Let's get moving then," she directed. Normally, she'd stand aside and let the Governor's team out first, but not today. "I'll direct a security team to join us there just in case."

"Thank you, Commander. We can activate the emergency broadcast system from there, and direct people to the various shelters throughout the colony." Though not common in most colonies, the more remote colonies tended to have shelters or heavily shielded areas for the civilians to stay in, in the event of a disaster scenario.

It did not take long for them to make it to the Command Bunker. Along the way, Kreitenne began to direct orders via her combadge to the resident Marines. Outside the Command bunker, a Starfleet team, reinforcements from above, materialized, ready to join the efforts. "Commander Trovic," she greeted, "we're going to need some assistance in reconfiguring the deflector shield perimeter." Kreitenne did not wait for a response and instead dashed after the governor.

Walking through the doors of the bunker, you could almost imagine it being on a starship, with the hum of various power generators subtly vibrating the floor. "Becca, activate the emergency alert system. Direct people to either the emergency bunkers or the shield hubs."

"Governor," Kreitenne said in a hushed tone. "I recommend all colonists be directed to the bunkers. Given what has happened to our other starships, I can't guarantee anyone's safety near the hubs. Plus, it will help us direct all landing parties to specific locations, rather than stretch ourselves thin trying to cover."

"You know better than I, Commander. Becca, do as he says please." He replied, with Becca nodding in reply.

As Becca departed to give the order, Kreitenne approached the central station where a holographic display of the colony was active. "Do we have anyone outside the city perimeter?" she asked aloud. Once the deflector shield was activated, anyone caught on the outside would be stuck there.

"There was a marine exploratory group, but they were only about forty kilometres off the coast. Once the emergency alert system has been activated, they would have been beamed back, using one of the long-range transporters in the Starfleet facility."

"Can anyone confirm that the Marines have been beamed back?" Krietenne asked aloud, looking to the nearby communications console. "And can we confirm that the shield generators are all online?"

The man operating the communications console turned to the Barzan Commander. "They have been beamed back, Commander. We just received a message from the Starfleet Compound. They will be remaining at the facility for the time being." A beep from the console drew the mans attention. "We are receiving a message, on the emergency RF frequency. Some distortion though. Routing it through now. It's Captain Edral.

"Ourea Stat...n to ..lony co...and. A.. orbit.. a..ets are temp......y blinded, .. th.y m.. be land..g troops. Be prep...." The static sound returned.

"That's all of it, Commander."

Kreitenne frowned. Though the communique had been filled with static, the message was abundantly clear. The Vaudwaar had indeed arrived. "We'll need to pick up on visual scanning since our sensors will be ineffective for the next few minutes. Communications, inform all Starfleet personnel to dig in and be ready for anything."

Without waiting for a response, she turned to the Governor. "Governor, I highly recommend that you and your staff get to a more secure station. If and when the Vaudwaar come down to the planet, this building will be a target just because of its purpose."

"Commander!" came a new voice, this one from the officer manning an operations station. "Forward scouts report that smaller vessels are coming down from orbit. Looks like they plan to land just outside the outer defense grid."

Then it is an invasion, she thought. "Shift all surface communications to short-range broadband. It's unlikely the Vaadwaur will be able to jam those frequencies and keep us from using them."

"Yes, commander," the operations officer remarked.

"Governor, this is your last chance," Kreitenne pressed. "You and your staff need to head for the last bunker now."

"Of course, Commander." He turned and looked around at his staff. "You heard the Commander, transfer control to the bunker, and let's get a move on." The governor ordered.

"Commander! The Vaadwaur transports have landed." She spun around to look at the city map projected on the screen. Two craft had landed just outside the east end of the city, and multiple Vaadwaur lifesigns were now showing on the screen, each one firing on the defensive grid. "I'm picking up a total of 350 troops! All heavily armed."

"Deploy the Marines!" Kreitenne shouted. "We need to flank their position and draw some fire away from the defensive grid, otherwise it's not going to last very long.

The lights in the room shifted to a darker shade, as red warning lights lit up around the edges of the room. This would only happen when the Starfleet compound activated a colony-wide Red Alert. They had detected the troops. This would also activate various secure bunkers around the colony, all heavily fortified, with extra shielding.

The Starfleet Commander watched the screen intently as the combined security and Marine forces fired back on the Vaadwaur. The flank attempt, so far, appeared to be working, and it was dividing enemy fire between the shield grid and the exposed personnel. "Let's surround them," Kreitenne instructed. "Instruct security forces to flank the other side and box the Vaadwaur in."


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