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Commander Kreitenne R'tanya

Name Kreitenne R'tanya

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Barzan
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kreitenne is the embodiment of the phrase “Size does not matter.” What she lacks in size, Kreitenne makes up with her intellect and strength. When not on duty, she can often be found in the gym, maintaining her slender, toned figure. Her long, curly hair hair is kept in a bun atop her head while on duty, and it is only released to the wild once her uniform is removed.


Spouse Zagut (divorced)
Children None; Barren
Father Mudaar
Mother Coweam
Brother(s) Vuzolalr

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kreitenne is a closely guarded individual thanks to a series of traumatic events in her early adulthood. She has few friends, nor a desire to allow anyone to get close to her. This is not to say that she is anti-social as she can often be found in public arenas enjoying a beer and a good time. She doesn’t, however, see a future in a familial unit, so she focuses on those she is assigned to lead and protect.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Analytical thinker, Dedicated to her crew and cause

Introverted, Considers herself last
Ambitions Protect her surrogate family, command her own starbase
Hobbies & Interests Marathoning, Physical fitness, Strategema

Personal History The youngest of two, Kreitenne was always a handful, keeping her parents, Mudaar and Coweam, much more on their toes than her older brother, Vuzolalr, ever did. The R’tanya family, like many Barzans, happily lived in poverty. Their status as a protectorate world within the Federation yielded certain benefits, but the species as a whole did not place value in elevating themselves to the level of those within the Federation. Warp speed… phasers… they only attracted the attention of those who sought conflict or conquest. These goals were not Barzan.

Kreitenne, however, sought more for her life. It wasn’t that she lacked satisfaction. The stars at night ignited a passion to explore that few Barzans experienced. She possessed a mind for analytical thinking, an intelligence quotient far above her peers. Barzan intellects were often secluded individuals, living apart from those in poverty in isolated sectors. Kreitenne instead sought a more appropriate outlet for her wisdom and applied for Starfleet Academy, along with another individual from her secondary education, a male named Zagut.

Both Kreitenne and Zagut were infatuated with each other, and had been for years. In fact, both families truly believed that Zagut’s only motivation for enlisting in Starfleet was following Kreitenne to the end of the galaxy and back. Kreitenne had never been the most attractive Barzan, nor did she ever make any effort to appear so. Her infatuation with Zagut carried no additional motivation to mold herself into something she wasn’t. Such was the power of love, and they accepted each other for who they were.

Four years later, both Kreitenne and Zagut were minted as ensigns and assigned to the USS Delphinus-C; Kreitenne as a tactical officer and Zagut as an engineer. It was aboard the Sovereign-class starship that their love reached their apex. They traded individual quarters for a communal unit, along with gold tips for their breathing apparatus since wedding rings were not customary among their species. For the next year, both focused on starting a family since both were in careers that were mostly shielded from dangerous away missions and the like. Their first year together was difficult, with the stress increasing on each and every failed attempt to conceive.

The ship’s doctor was, after a year of close study, able to determine that Kreitenne was barren, and would never be able to bear children. This broke both Kreitenne’s and Zagut’s hearts. Just two days after the diagnosis, Kreitenne returned to their quarters following her shift to find a pair of gold apparatus tips sitting on the middle of the table, and several of Zagut’s things missing. He hadn’t left a note, or a message, but it was the ship’s Executive Officer, Commander Zachary O’Connell, who informed her that Zagut had resigned Starfleet and returned too Barzan. Kreitenne was devastated, having lost two of three of her dreams in less than a week.

After a week of grief, Kreitenne returned to duty with a resolve stronger than a Jem’hadar’s addiction to white. She may have lost her chance to be a mother, and a chance to be a wife, but she would not lose her career in Starfleet for it was all she had left. All that remained for her on Barzan would be a lifetime of humiliation and despair. At least in Starfleet, she would find satisfaction.

Her dedication yielded a successful career. At first, she had no desire to rise through the ranks, taking seven years in total before finally being convinced that promotion brought more benefits than just a position. It gave her a chance to find the family she couldn’t have physically. Her tactical mind continued to shine, eventually rewarding her with department head positions on both the USS Midway and Starbase 375. Over time, Kreitenne was promoted to Second Officer aboard Starbase 375, as well as a lateral transfer to Chief Strategic Operations Officer and was responsible for starship movements and logistics throughout the sector.

It was during her time aboard Starbase 375 that she began extended command training, catching the attention of several Admirals in the fleet. Many of them tried to steal her away from 375 to develop her skills further, but she wouldn’t have it. She took matters into her own hand, applying for several Executive Officer positions throughout Starfleet in unique positions. It wasn’t long before she was awarded the position aboard Ourea Station in the Delta Quadrant.
Service Record 2371-2375: Starfleet Academy
2375-2378: Tactical Officer, USS Delphinus-C
2379-2381: Security Officer, USS Saber
2382-2383: Assistant Chief of Security, USS ch’Bolin
2384-2385: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Midway
2835-2386: Chief Tactical Officer, Starbase 375
2386-2388: Second Officer / Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Starbase 375
2389: Ourea Station, Executive Officer