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Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 8:41pm by Commander Kreitenne R'tanya & Lieutenant Colonel William Christensen-Wright SFMC & Lieutenant Daniel Ryci
Edited on on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 10:25pm

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Operations
Timeline: MD05 || 1400

[Station Operations]

Immediately following their meeting with the Captain, Commander R'tanya had asked for Colonel Christensen-Wright and Lieutenant Ryci to join her at the situational table in Ops.

"To bring you up to speed," the Commander said to Lieutenant Ryci, "the Vaadwaur struck again, this time in SH-22. This all but confirms that Ourea will be their next target. We're not sure when, but we've got maybe five days at the most. The station should be ready by then, but we have to be prepared to defend the colony."

Kreitenne reached down and tapped a couple buttons to display a schematic of the colony below. "We installed shield generators a couple of days ago, but they won't last long against a bombardment. We're going to need to station what security reserves we have down on the colony. That's where you both come in. How many personnel can we dedicate, and where can we place them?"

I have 10 station security officers I could dedicate, but where to place them I would have to get with my security Deputy to help with the placement of our securtiy officer" Daniel said.

As the senior Marine onboard, the task of representing the detachment seemingly fell to William and he chose that moment to add his two pennies. "Marine forces are currently at thirty percent of full operational capacity but, rather importantly, are without their senior leaders." He let out a sigh before continuing, "They are under the command of a First Lieutenant who is, I believe, three years out of the Academy and without a single combat mission under her belt."

Kreitenne frowned, unable to mask her displeasure. For the Nth time this week, she found herself wishing that there was a quicker way to and from the Alpha Quadrant than just a Vesta class starship. "What of the NCOs? Are there any battle-hardened sergeants or warrants among them?"

"The senior NCOs are all combat veterans." The English Marine assured her. "Including one Gunnery Sergeant who was little more than a child when I commanded him fourteen years ago." He allowed himself a lopsided smile despite the gravity of the situation they found themselves in. "They' her well."

She cracked a half-smile at the statement, though her displeasure in the situation at large remained the same. "Well, this upcoming battle will tell us whether or not that First Lieutenant is capable enough to handle the detachment moving forward. I trust you'll find some time in the next day or two to give the officer some pointers?"

"I'll work with her to develop a deployment plan, sit back and let her take the lead and just offer a few suggestions here and there." William crossed his arms. "Unfortunately leadership training at the Academy will only take you so far. Great leaders are forged in fire. We may be about to find out if that young woman has the makings of a great leader."

Krietenne nodded her agreement before looking back down on the map. "Then we'll have the Marines join whatever security forces Lieutenant Ryci can spare for the planet down below. I suggest we have the Marines on the outer parameter while our security detail handles the inner parameter at the critical structures."

"Works for me." William replied with a nod. "The Lieutenant and I will co-ordinate the deployment plan with Lieutenant Ryci and his security officers."

Daniel said, “sounds like a plan what do you think Commander?" he asked the XO with her input.

"I think we have a plan." Kreitenne tapped another set of buttons. "That just leaves the station. We should be prepared for boarding parties. The fact that the station isn't fully complete is both a blessing and a curse. We won't be able to cover every sector or watch every inch. Where are we the most vulnerable?"

William jumped in first. "Ops is the obvious answer. Power and shield generators. Civilians should be moved to a central location where they can be easily protected and any Starfleet Officers deemed non essential should be handed a phaser or an engineering kit and reassigned to either Lieutenant Ryci or Lieutenant Commander Trovic.”

"When was the last time the science and medical teams went through phaser certification?" Kreitenne asked. "It might be a good idea to run everyone through it in the next day or two, and increase requirement checks once a month for the foreseeable future. We are out here on our own after all. It's a real frontier assignment now."

Before either of them could answer, Kreitenne recalled that one of their objectives was to construct several bunkers for the colonists' protection. She tapped her combadge, calling out, "Commander R'tanya to Commander Trovic. Please report to Ops."

[Operations office]

Trovic stood up from his master energy flow display, tapping his combadge, “Acknowledged,” responding to the XO. Looking across to the other junior officers with him, “Keep running the simulations until we get the response time down to 30 seconds.” Following the instructions, each of the Operations Section Chiefs nodded understanding. In a crisis it was going to be very important t be able to reroute power and resources in he shortest time. The Commander then turned and headed out and to the turbolift.

Anon stepped off the turbolift walking toward Station Operations. He sighed deeply. He was pretty sure what this was about. Scuttle-but had already come to his ears about attacks and a possible impending attack on the Station, but no details. He thought, This just might be it.

[Station Operations]

Lt.Cdr. Trovic entered Ops to see the CO, XO, Chief of Security and Strategic Ops Chief. The Operations Chief stopped before the group and reported, “Yes Sir. How can I help?”

"Commander," Krietenne greeted the Bajoran with a nod. "How are the defense installations coming?"

Anon’s expression changed to one of concentration as he thought through the latest stats, and the best way to explain them. Then looking to he XO he reported, “Sir, the defensive shield systems are all now installed. We are currently double checking power rerouting capabilities and the control coordination systems.” The Commander swallowed hard before continuing, “But the new phaser arrays we are installing are having component issues.”

The Barzan woman took in a breath of the gases she needed to properly metabolize the nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere. "Component issues?" she asked the engineer.

LCDR. Trovic took in a breath and began his explanation, “In the most recent arrays that have been unpacked, we have found that the linkage systems are not consistent. It’s as if they were manufactured by different equipment or on different days and there are slight variances.” He grimaced in frustration. “All the parts aren’t matching up to the exact specifications. If there is a .01 millimeter variance, there is the likelihood of a power rupture.” Anon stopped to let those facts sink in. There was more, but he knew to wait for those questions.

Kreitenne sighed. "Mister Trovic," she began, "I can understand your concerns. Just a couple hours ago, the Vaadwaur attacked our ships in SH-22. They are coming here next. We are going to need the ability to defend ourselves, otherwise there is a very strong possibility that this station will be lost will all life aboard her, including your own. I realize I'm asking the impossible, but I hope that you understand that this is now a matter of survival."

Trovic stood more to attention, wanting to be respectful, “Aye Sir.” He took in a breath and provided, “We are making more linkages as we speak, and all parts are being tested for accurate connections. I will be contacting Tactical to test power build-up on every phaser array.”

Kreitenne nodded her approval and acceptance of that fact. "And I'm afraid that we're going to have to stretch your team further. We need to construct some bunkers for the colonists. As soon as the fighting begins, we need to be able to shuffle the colonists into these for both their protection, and if necessary to keep them safe before an evacuation team can get to them."

Trovic’s expression changed to her he of concentration and concern as he began to flip through multiple pages on his PaDD. Without looking up the Commander stated, “I am assuming that these bunkers should be deep within the station, where direct fire can not hopefully reach them.” Anon’s head popped up, looking at the XO for confirmation.

The Commander shook her head. "There's not enough room on the station to contain them, not to mention the resources it would take away from our defenses. No, these bunkers will be on the planet, somewhere close to the colony itself, but protected enough to give the civilians a chance to hold out."

“Ah, I see,” Trovic stated while nodding his head. His expression changed again to one of concentration, thinking about how deep surface bunkers could be constructed the quickest. The Engineer looked up at the XO with a bit of hesitancy, “If we are wanting to maximize our time and resources, . . there is a unconventional way to do that, if allowed some flexibility with building regulations.”

"Define unconventional," Kreitenne requested. She noted the man's hesitation, but she hoped that he would become a bit more bold in the face of this impending crisis.

Trovic took in a breath, looking at each of the faces present before explaining, “What I am recommending is that we use a Phaser to bore a whole deep into the surface. We then can send down a probe with transporter pattern enhancers. This will allow us to actually transport the solid rock out of the cavern, in just about any shape we specify.” He took a quick breath and eyed the XO, “We then use that same material with the transporter to form solid formations of our choosing as we beam it back into place. This would cut construction time down by about 70%.” He let that sink in and then added, “We then beam down power systems, atmospheric processing units, all the equipment we need, and construct doorways, etc. etc, finishing off by creating a massive plug at the very surface, covering our entrance, but allowing further transporter usage to this deep secure location.” Anon held his breath waiting for a reaction. He wasn’t sure if he was going to need to apologize or fight to make this happen.

Kreitenne was silent for a few moments, reviewing the plan in her head. "Let's make it happen, Commander. We've got a short window to get this all accomplished." She looked to the Security Chief and the Chief of Strategic Operations. "As soon as these bunkers are constructed, I'll get with the local authorities to set up the emergency procedures. For now, let's get the Marines and Station Security mobilized, and let's make sure every uniform is up to par with hand phasers. Also verify that every weapons locker is fully stocked, and every weapon charged. Final questions anyone?"

Christensen shook his head silently. His mind was already turning to the preparations that needed to be made.

Daniel said "i have no questions Commander I'm just eager to get the situation underway." he said.

Anon liked the way this was going. Ltcd.Trovic spoke up, “I will coordinate with Tactical and Operations, . . and we will probably need a Geologist to confer with as well.”

The Executive Officer nodded. "All right, everyone. Let's get to work." With that, she dismissed the senior officers and departed Operations herself. She had to contact the planet below to begin relaying some of the messages to the liaison below.


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