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Make it Happen Commander

Posted on Sun Dec 15th, 2019 @ 10:56pm by Captain Solin Edral & Aisha [A.I.S.H.A] & Commander Kreitenne R'tanya
Edited on on Sat Jan 25th, 2020 @ 5:07pm

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Ourea Station; Station Operations
Timeline: MD01 || 0835

"Captain, I am receiving a priority alert from the Martinsson. We are ordered to go to yellow alert. All Starfleet ships, and the colony have received the same message. No further information has been provided." Aisha stated matter of factly.

"Yellow alert, order the Starfleet forces on the surface to yellow alert, and make sure the Governor's office is aware of the situation." The Captain replied. He tapped his comm badge. "Commander R'tanya to Station Operations." The call from the Governor should be coming in any second now he thought to himself. "Aish..."

"Sir incoming ships. I'm detecting a quantum slipstream conduit forming. An unknown number of ships emerging."

"Red alert. Deploy the fighter squ..."

"Sir," Aisha called out. "It's the Maggiore and Pinciana."

"Stand down the fighters, drop back to yellow alert. Open a channel to the Pinciana."

"Captain Zaha, report?" While not the superior officer, in and around Ourea, he was in command, except when the Pequod was around.

"Apologies for dropping in like this Captain. The Vaadwaur attacked the station and were transmitting some kind of field into the gateway. It's what we think caused the issues with its opening. With the gateway collapsing, Admiral Paka wanted both the Pinciana and Maggiore away from the conflict zone.

Makes sense he thought to himself With no gateway, QSD was the only way to get back to Starfleet anymore.

Kreitenne had stopped by her office to make sure there weren't any reports she missed from the overnight shifts when the summons to Ops came through and the station elevated to yellow alert. Her first instinct upon entry was to demand what was going on, but she could see that the Captain was already on the line with Captain Zaha of the Pinciana.

The XO quietly made her way to the flight operations station to look at the displayed sensor readings from around the station and was surprised to see both the Pinciana and the Maggiore within close proximity. Something certainly was certainly amiss. She then moved to the center island to listen in on the conversation.

Captain Edral noticed his XO approach the island and nodded. "Do you have any more information Captain?"

"Just that the colony needs reinforcing, and if they Vaadwaur attack here, we are to jump away to SH-22." the human Captain replied .

"Very well. Contact the quartermaster if you need anything. Don't worry about informing us of a destination, if the Vaadwaur appear, just jump away. The QSD is now one of our most valuable assets in the quadrant. Hopefully, you won't need to. Good luck Captain."

"Thank you, Captain. To you too. Zaha out."

"Commander, I trust you heard at least some of that. Basically, the Vaadwaur appeared in the system, began collapsing the gateway, and they were beginning an attack run on the station. The Pinciana and Maggiore jumped away. This has all happened in the past few minutes."

Kreitenne couldn't keep herself from frowning. "I heard enough of it, I think," she replied to the Captain. "Without a gateway, we're not going to be getting the rest of the crew for the station, much less the rest of the colonists for below, not to mention we're going to be short on our basic essentials within a few months. Do you think the Vaadwaur will come here next?"

"We have no idea, but we are working on the assumption that they are. The fighters are all on standby, both the squadron here and the two on the planet. Admiral Paka is going to send through orders at some point soon, but with the combat situation potentially ongoing, we have no idea. The whole task force has been ordered to Yellow Alert. The Makarov, McAvoy and Loki are being sent to SH-22, the Avatar, Rabin, Svensson, Wichita and McHale are being pulled back to Ourea."

"We should launch one of the squadrons from the planet," Kreitenne suggested after nodding to the Captain's comments. "Sensors are effective, but only to a point. Combat air patrols in these sectors," the Barzan woman indicated the appropriate sectors on a map in the center of the island, "will give us an earlier warning system should the Vaadwaur come knocking."

"Agreed, make it happen, Commander. Can you liaise with the Governor's office? He will probably beam up at some point and handle the situation from here. With the Lieutenant Governor on the Martinsson, he's going to want to be here to know everything that happens when it happens. The Starfleet liaison to the Governor's office, Lieutenant Tokk is it? Keep him in the loop too. But tell him to cool it down a little. I must get about 40 messages a day from him with requests for everything under the son."

Kreitenne rolled her eyes and shook her head, not at the order, but at the situation. "Have you ever tried to calm down a Bolian, sir? I'll do my best, and I'll get that Squadron launched as soon as possible. We should probably set up a few forcefield generators around the colony, just in case we need to shield the capital from weapons fire and transporters."

Solin smiled. "Being a Bolian, I feel your pain Commander." He let out a little chuckle. "Take charge on new field generators, please. Take whomever you need, and we can begin reinforcing the existing defensive measures on the surface. Prep both squadrons on the planet too, but don't launch yet."

She felt slightly embarrassed as she had briefly forgotten that Solin was a Bolian. Compared to most of his species, he wasn't as talkative or energetic. The absence of both traits made him perfect for running Ourea Station. "Aye, Captain. Anything else?"

"Nothing I can think of currently. As soon as you have mapped out where the new generators are being installed, and which generators need upgrading and recalibrating, let me know." The Captain ordered.

"I'll get that map to you before I beam down, sir," she said with a nod. She adjusted her breathing apparatus, and made a mental note to take a couple fresh cartridges with her in the event she was forced to remain with the colony for a few days.

"Excellent. Dismissed Commander."


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