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Let's Get To It.

Posted on Sun Dec 1st, 2019 @ 12:41am by Captain Solin Edral & Aisha [A.I.S.H.A]

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Ourea Station; Captain's Office
Timeline: MD01 || 1600

1600, Sunday 27 August 2389

Aisha materialised in front of Captain Edral's desk. "I have the list of potential senior staff. I sent a copy over to Admiral Paka."

"How far away is everyone on the list?"

"There are a few still out in SH-22, and on various other locations throughout the surrounding sectors. There are 26 total potential officers."

He pulled up the list his desk console. "StratOps is top of the list?"

"Of course," Aisha replied. "It has become an important position on the station now."

"Lieutenant Colonel Christensen-Wright. On the Colossus? Best for the job?" The Captain asked the hologram who had sat down in the chair in from of his desk. A padd now in her hand, though completely superfluous, made her more natural-looking, than simply reciting everything from her memory banks.

Aisha, or Artificial Intelligence Support Holographic Assistant, was an experiment that wasn't supposed to be in full-time use for a number of months. She acts as a Yeoman, Personal Assistant, and command hologram if needed. Ourea Station was the testbed for it because it is so far from Starfleet Command.

"Yes. I reviewed all possible candidates for the position, and out of a potential 136, he is the best for the Strategic Operations position."

"Well, can't fault your logic. Can you connect me to the Colossus please?" He asked her.

"Aye Sir. Connecting."

The monitor in his desk rose, with the Starfleet image on it. It flickered, being replaced by that of the Bajoran Captain, from the looks of it, in his ready room. "Captain Lykon, I hope you are well. I trust you have all the information we have available right now?"

"I am, Captain, thank you. And yes, we've been kept in the loop. Maintaining yellow alert, forwarding all sensor logs to Ourea. Has something changed?" The Bajoran woman replied.

"No, existing orders remain in effect. This is a different request. You have a Lieutenant Colonel Christensen-Wright on board, as a StratOps officer, correct?"

"We do. He's a good officer."

"Excellent. I have new orders for him. He is to be assigned to Ourea as the Strategic Operations Chief. Our StratOps was meant to arrive in the May 24th wave that never happened. The Colossus needs to remain where she is, can you arrange transport for him back to Ourea?"

"I'll organise a runabout for him, he should be there within a day or so. Is there anything else Captain?"

"No, thank you, Captain. Talk to you soon. Ourea Out." Captain Edral nodded, as did Captain Lykon before the screen flickered off.

"One down, 25 to go Aisha. Let's get to it."


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