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New Orders

Posted on Wed Nov 27th, 2019 @ 3:07pm by Lieutenant Colonel William Christensen-Wright SFMC
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Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Main Bridge || U.S.S. Colossus
Timeline: MD01 || 1615

1615, Sunday 27 August 2389

Something was going on. Two hours ago, the Captain had received an ‘Eyes Only’ communique and an hour after that she summoned the XO to her Ready Room. No good ever came from an ‘Eyes Only’ communique and all William and the rest of the crew could do was wait to find out what was going on.

On the Bridge, Lieutenant Colonel William Christensen-Wright paced slowly around the Bridge. As the senior most officer while the Captain and XO were in conference, he was Officer of the Deck. Captain Lykon had insisted that the Marine take the Bridge Officer exam if he was going to serve as her Strategic Operations Officer.

The Marine would soon have his answers. The XO popped his head out of the Ready Room. “Colonel Christensen-Wright, Commander zh’Koria? Could you join us?”

William immediately started towards the Ready Room with the Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Thira zh’Koria, following closely behind. As he went, William glanced over at the Ops Officer on duty, “Lieutenant Wilson, you have the Bridge.”

Christensen-Wright’s concerns were confirmed when he saw Captain Lykon’s face. “This morning the Vaadwaur collapsed the gateway and destroyed Starbase 38.” The Bajoran Captain announced calmly.

Neither officer reacted outwardly. William’s first thought was one of anger but that was tempered with concern. “Casualties?”

The Captain shook her head. “The Vaadwaur allowed the Starbase to be evacuated before it was destroyed so I believe casualties were light.”

That the Vaadwaur had collapsed the gateway was no surprise. As their primary link back to the Alpha Quadrant, the method by which Starfleet’s presence in the Delta Quadrant continued to grow, it was always going to be a prime target.

The destruction of Starbase 38, however, was another matter. It was a naked act of aggression; some would argue an act of war. But with the Starfleet forces cut off from Federation support, save for the few QSD equipped ships, they were in no position to wage war against the Vaadwaur.

William’s thoughts turned briefly to the Rabin. He knew that she wasn’t operating in that region of the Quadrant but that didn’t stop him from worrying all the same. The Vaadwaur may have launched a co-ordinated strike on several Starfleet assets at that same time. As soon as his duties would allow, he planned to check in with Sebastian.

The Captain continued, “Starfleet forces in the immediate vicinity were ordered to pull back to Ourea Station. However, given how far we are from Headquarters, our original orders remain. That said, I’m placing the Colossus on Yellow Alert and beginning combat drills. Commander zh’Koria, you’ll co-ordinate with the XO on those.”

The Andorian zhen nodded. “Aye, Captain.”

“There will be a full briefing in one hour. Dismissed Commander.” The Captain gave a sharp nod in the Executive Officer’s direction, silently dismissing him too.

William wasn’t sure why the Captain wanted him to remain behind, but he assumed it had something to do with his position as the Strategic Ops Officer. Unless his concerns about Sebastian and the Rabin had been correct? A knot of dread tightened in the pit of his stomach.

The Captain lifted a PADD and held it out. “Colonel, you’ve received new orders.”

“New orders?” He accepted the PADD, confused about where exactly he was being reassigned to given recent events.

The Captain clarified things. “Ourea Station’s Strategic Operations Officer was due to arrive as part of the next wave. Obviously that next wave has been…delayed somewhat. Needless to say, they’re in greater need of your services than we are. There’s a Runabout prepping to take you to your new assignment. Good luck, Colonel.” She extended a hand.

“To all of us.” He replied gravely, grasping her hand firmly.


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