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Yellow Alert

Posted on Sun Nov 24th, 2019 @ 6:27pm by Admiral Paka Larem & Captain Solin Edral & Aisha [A.I.S.H.A]

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Ourea Station; Station Operations
Timeline: MD01 || 1528

1528, Sunday 27 August 2389

"Captain Edral, you are required in station operations." A voice spoke aloud, in the otherwise empty room. He stood up and walked around his desk to the door to his office. He reached the door, and turned right, to another door,

"Thanks, Aisha. Is Commander R'tanya still on the surface?" The voice sounded different this time. Instead of floating in the room, it came from behind him, followed by the familiar whine of a hologram materialising.

"Yes, he is Captain. Would you like him recalled?" The now visible hologram replied as they continued to walk to Operations."

"No, not yet. I want to wait and see what the Admiral wants first. I presume that's why they want me in Operations?" He asked.

"Correct, they just dropped out of warp."

The second set of doors opened, leading them into the Operations room. "Open a channel to the Martinsson." The task group were being shown on the viewscreen to his right. The screen flickered, showing the face of the Bajoran Admiral, who didn't look too pleased.

"Report Captain."

"The Avatar, Eklund, Kodiak and Aurora have been pulled back from the outskirts of the system, all are at yellow alert, as is the station. We also have had the Thalassa is on the extreme outskirts of the system with their sensors running at maximum. The Kerberos is only 30 minutes away, and are returning to give us a wider sensor coverage. We have brought the most of the station's defences online, though there are still some subsystems that are still offline. We are making every effort to get them back online as soon as we can."

"Thank you, Captain. Maintain yellow alert. Launch the fighters too. Launch the 3 squadrons from the surface too. Have them in rotating in formations around the station at around 100,000 kilometres. We don't know if they will attack here too, but I don't want to take any chances. What's it's like on the surface?" The Admiral asked.

"The Starfleet annexe is also on yellow alert. They have been installing shield generators around key infrastructure, as subtly as they can to prevent a panic. They have also doubled their patrols around the outskirts of the colony."

"What are we saying for the increased patrols?"

"There is a primitive creature, the anthropologists have called it an Ourean Wolf. They have attacked a few other creatures on the planet, on the outskirts. The worry is they will attack colonists. We have some shield generators around the outskirts of the colony, but for the blind spots, we have patrols. We will just say that more of the wolves have been spotted hunting closer to the colony."

"Ok, that works." The Admiral replied. I'll be beaming on board the station within the hour, I'm going over to the Pequod first, you won't be required, as I will be filling you in when I beam to you anyway."

"Aye Sir. While on the Pequod, can you see about getting some senior officers? Or are we using the staff from the old HQ."

"There were some casualties, and I'm not sure who they were yet. Regardless, I was going to post them on the surface, for now, bulk up our forces down there. We can work something out, once we know exactly what's going on."

"Aye Sir. Did you need anything else?" The Captain asked, his previous question now answered.

"Not right now. I'll beam over once I have finished on the Pequod. Martinsson out." The screen flickered and the view of the task group reappeared.

"Aisha put together a list of all potential senior officers for the station. Take into account personnel from SBD too."

"Yes, Sir. I should have a shortlist within 30 minutes." The holographic officer replied.

Captain Edral walked to an empty console and began to tap away. "Now let's see what systems are still down, and prioritise urgently needed systems. Focus on defensive systems, then offensive. Hopefully, nothing eventful happens today." A thought passed through his head. Hopefully.


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