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Posted on Wed May 5th, 2021 @ 9:44pm by Story Teller

Mission: [OS] A New Dawn
Location: Ourea System
Timeline: MD11 || 1318

"Underseer, we are approximately forty-five reksans from the exit point. Breach generators are charged."

"Very well, Elapid Mordic. Open communications to our ships. This is Underseer Jesan of the Cheynei. Commence charging of photonic oscillators. As soon as all ships have breached, blind their sensors and deploy the landing teams. Have the retrieval team right behind them. They will slip behind the mountain facility and extract them silently.

"Yes, Underseer." The officer replied. "One of our long-range scout ships detected that the station itself is still not yet fully constructed. There are significant areas without cover from their weapons."

"They will likely fill these areas with support craft. They are not of concern. Though relay it to the fleet so that every sensor can still be blinded.

"Breaching in four, three, two, one... breaching." A few moments passed. "All ships report a lock on a Starfleet vessel and the station."

The Underseer showed a small sneer. "Fire the pulses."

Within a half-second, one photonic pulse for every ship had been spat out of the Vaadwaur ships, some multiple shots at a single ship. The Starfleet sensors needed to be reset after being overloaded by the pulses. This gave them free rein.

The Elapid spoke next. "Their sensors and subspace communications are down. Ships are beginning their landing and orbital assaults."

"Begin the assault. Focus on their largest ship, and defend as necessary."

As the battle began, Vaadwaur ships swarmed the Galaxy-class Pequod. While the Vaadwaur ships didn't have the power to go head to head with the Starfleet ships, their sheer numbers quickly overwhelmed ship shields.

14 of the larger fighters attacked the USS Binary, a Nova class, and it didn't stand a chance. Its shields were quickly whittled down to nothing, then the Vaadwaur ships focused on the weapons systems, bringing them down, and taking it out of the fight. The same was going on with the USS Loki, which was moving to try and protect the Binary.

The ground troops were doing their job too. Keeping the Starfleet away from the facility. They had pushed and maintained a perimeter, giving the facility time to evacuate. It had just taken off, bringing home it's prize.

Underseer Jesan surveyed his scanner screen. "Activate the explosives and remove every trace we were there. Begin our breach countdown. Recall all light craft and prepare to blind their sensors once more."

"The transports are on board. Firing pulses."

The pulses fired, Starfleet's sensors were once again blinded. "It's time for us to leave. Breach." the Underseer replied, as, on the surface, the explosion destroyed the facility. Most of it, at least.


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