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Lieutenant Andromeda Nash

Name Andromeda Nash M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 150

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description You might overlook her. She doesn't appear to be 150 years old or as experienced as she is; you might think she's more child than adult. And you'd be wrong. Take the time to look into her eyes because beneath the good humor and sparkling intelligence, lies a wealth of experience and more than a few shadows. She's slender and has a hard time maintaining a healthy weight, especially when she's stressed, but well-muscled because there's more to her than you might think. Off duty, she has eclectic tastes and is absolutely not body shy.


Spouse None
Children None
Father (Foster) Anderson Wallace
Mother (Foster) Lillian Wallace
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview - Independent, self-reliant, comfortable on her own
- Highly curious, definitely an explorer at heart
- Not in the least squeamish and doesn't frighten easily
- Impulsive, bit of an adrenalin junkie, the kind of person who will do things on a dare
- Can be stubborn and is definitely not someone who can be ordered to do something she thinks is morally wrong.
- Compassionate and caring. Willing to go the extra mile for her patients
- Gets along well with others but doesn't allow people to get truly close to her. They can get in only so far. There's that last barrier, the one that leads to the core of who she is, that very few are actually allowed to see
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Physician with 18 years of experience in the practice of medicine
- Certified in emergency medicine
- Speaks Federation Standard, El-Aurian, Ferengi, Klingon, Bajoran and has a colorful repertoire that spans a number of other languages (she collects curses and curse words). She can get along most anywhere - can order a meal or follow a simple conversation in other languages. Is currently learning Vulcan.
- Capable but not gifted pilot though she's best on older vessels -- especially freighters.
- She's good at reading people (time and a whole lot of practice) and better at listening. She knows how to cheat at cards, good at sleight of hand, and can spot a cheat a mile away.
- She has that whole time disturbance recognition thing though that's not something that comes up often, you know?

- Independent to a fault. She's been on her own for quite some time
- Stubborn, strong-willed
- Impulsive and a bit of an adrenalin junkie.
- Terrible, truly horrible cook. She does appreciate good food though and blesses replicators for keeping her from starving to death.
- Bubble baths by candlelight. There are no words.
- Coffee. Must. Have. If its first thing in the morning, you'd be wise to offer her a cup before actual, you know, communication.
Ambitions * To help people
* To visit every planet in the Federation and at least ten that aren't
* To read books from every culture in the Federation
* To spend an uninterrupted week on Risa. Uninterrupted as in no medical emergencies -- seriously, they have doctors there, don't they?
Hobbies & Interests - Reading
- Anything to do with water - loves to swim, dive, surf, take bubble baths
- Trained voice. Sings well enough to have earned her living in sketchy bars by her voice -- though she's not one of the known universe's great talents either.
- Trained in mixed martial arts - mixed because she learned piece meal from various people over the years. She's been beaten up more than once and those experiences taught her that she needed to be able to defend herself. So she learned and she's maybe a bit hard to predict because she knows a bit from a lot of disciplines. To back that up, she carries a telescoping quarterstaff and that's by far her favorite weapon. She's rubbish with phasers and the like.
- Meditation
- Keeps a journal in a language she knows; she's never met anyone else who can read it though which kind of begs the question, how did she learn?
- Trying out new things - spend a night in a haunted house, white water rafting, bungee jumping, you name it. She's up for the challenge.
- Runs as often as she can
- Knows sleight of hand, can do a few card tricks, and even learned how to pick pockets. Hey, it was a long trip, they were all bored, and the one that set off those blasted bells had to help out in the kitchen. We all know how much she hates that.

Personal History She was found on a disabled freighter, near death, and without any memory of her childhood. Diagnosed with localized dissociative amnesia, she underwent psychotherapy that included relaxation techniques to help her manage her stress.

Andromeda Nash. Named for two stars by the adoption agency that eventually placed her with a family in the San Francisco Bay area. Anderson Wallace was an architect and Lillian Wallace was an artist of minimal talent who worked tirelessly for a number of charitable causes. Both were good people but more involved with themselves and their causes; while they tried, in the end, they were entirely unsuited to bringing up a young child.

Andromeda spent the majority of her childhood in a boarding school and on holidays, with the Wallace's household staff. She became accustomed to being on her own and has developed into a highly self-sufficient individual. Her foster parents died when she was 22, barely a month after her graduation from Cambridge University with a bachelor's degree in Science. After the reading of the will, in which they left the majority of their assets to the charity that had placed her with them, Andromeda left earth and began what she referred to as her wandering years.

She worked as a Dabbo girl, a bartender on an aging space station, and an aide to an elderly gentleman with far flung interests (sometimes, pretending to be his girlfriend, his maid, his assistant, even his bodyguard though that was a stretch). She learned a number of languages, learned how to play poker, Go, and Chess -- Hated Chess, liked Go but found it hard. Poker now that was a game she could respect ... and there was this one she learned called "Wicked Grace" that she considered the best game ever.

She spent a few summers helping out on archeological digs which taught her patience. She has been an artist's model, a mortuary beautician, and a waitress. Hated waitressing and decided she liked being a bartender better. She worked for a private detective for a few years and learned a lot about surveillance (which is not as fun as it sounds).

She has had vocal training and worked a few years, singing her way through a few systems in small bars. She served as a crew on a sailing yacht for three years, learned to swim, to dive, and eventually to surf. She helped repair actual books in a library found that she loved to read. There were times when she needed to get away from the press of beings who all wanted something and reinvented herself as a wilderness guide. She gave tours while she healed and even gained an interest in herbology.

She dated, she danced, she laughed … a lot. She had no permanent address and everything she owned fit into one bag that went everywhere with her. She developed many acquaintances but few friends, and she even fell in love once. That was her life. 88 years of aimless wandering, doing whatever drew her attention in that moment.

In 2354, she was working as a pilot on a freighter, part of a crew that brought in supplies to Bajor. During those runs, helping to offload cargo, she saw Cardassian cruelty firsthand and came to respect the Bajorans and their determination to fight back. For two years of doing what she could to help, often at great personal risk, she came to the conclusion that her wandering years were over.

She spent a week camping out in a remote spot with only herself for company. She assessed herself because there were things she could see herself doing and some she couldn't. One night, lying on a blanket, looking up at the stars, her thoughts sort of came together all at once. The next morning, she packed up and applied to Starfleet Medical Academy. She was already on her way to Earth when her acceptance arrived.
Service Record Note: A traumatic event of unknown origin left Doctor Nash with localized dissociative amnesia. It is believed at this point, that she may never recover memories of her early childhood. Patient is aware of the problem and, should symptoms begin to appear, has been instructed to seek psychological help.

2356: Enrolled in Starfleet Medical Academy
2364: Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy
2364: Began a two-year residency on Beta Antares in emergency medicine
2366: Completed her residency and was certified in emergency medicine
2366: Began a two-year fellowship in Emergency Surgery at Starfleet Medical, San Franciso, Earth
2368: Completed her fellowship in Emergency Surgery.
2368: Assigned to the USS Blackwell, a science and exploration vessel. Served on away teams.
2375: After having refused promotion for some time, accepted promotion to Asst. Chief Medical Officer, USS Blackwell
2380: Promoted to Chief Medical Officer, USS Blackwell
2396: Upon decommissioning of the USS Blackwell, transferred to Ourea Station as Chief Medical Officer